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Our Mission

Taylor Tutorting Services are unique and each learner has his/her individual challenges. Taylor Tutoring Services customizes each student's program to address specific barriers to learning. Our individualized programs provide for academic success, increased confidence, foster independence and help catapult you into the life you deserve.


My name is Renea Taylor and I have been an educator for more than 15 years. I have served as a classroom teacher, tutor, executive director for a leading national tutoring company, and the owner of Taylor Tutoring Services. I have a passion for learning, whether I am a student in a classroom or providing instruction. I firmly believe education is the gift that keeps on giving and consider it an honor to help you achieve your academic goals.

Lead Tutor/Founder

Meet a few of our tutors:

Each one of our tutors are taylor made to fit every students personal needs. They are filled with a passion and love for educating!

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