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Lena Hale

I’ve had the opportunity to work with Taylor Tutoring services for several years. My grandson enjoys his sessions but most importantly he is benefiting. He’s self confidence is increasing while improving his math skills. 


During this difficult time with our education system I plan to continue tutoring services on order to ensure and enhance his future learning. 


We must invest in our children and make every effort to help them succeed in life....



Nikki T

Wow!  I am so grateful for Taylor Tutoring Services.  Ms. Renea has done an outstanding job with my son.  She worked with my crazy schedule and the price is very budget friendly. The assessment she administered was "spot on" and the customized instruction fit his needs.  Prompt, professional, prepared and most of all excellent results.  My son went from failing math to a "B" average.  His overall confidence has improved and he is excelling academically this semester, thanks to Taylor Tutoring Services!!

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Laverne B.

I am a parent of a son with ADHD who struggled with Math Comprehension from basic Math to Algebra.
Each school year he grew more frustrated even with an IEP in place to help with his inability to obtain comprehension. When the school system started working extra with him he showed minimal improvement but it wasn't enough. I was informed by a teacher of a tutor who could work with my son and help get him to the place he needs to be. Thankfully my son and I took this advice and met Renea Taylor whom helped him with test taking and comprehension, I would recommend anyone to her my son showed substantial improvement. He has since then graduated from high school and is preparing to take the ASVAB test for the military in which Mrs. Taylor is also instructing him in.

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