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Taylor Tutoring Services provides individualized instruction for all students.  Individualized instruction means students work on individual programs that are custom designed to meet their needs.  Although students are receiving individualized instruction, they may also work in a small group setting.  Taylor Tutoring Services offers 1:1  to 1:5 teacher/student ratio.

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Does individualized instruction mean the same as 1:1 ratio?

Taylor Tutoring Services administers a diagnostic evaluation to identify the gaps in students' learning that have caused them to fall behind.  We then prescribe a custom program designed to build skills and close academic achievement gaps.

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What is skill building?
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Can students get assistance virtually?

Taylor Tutoring Services does not inundate already struggling students with cumbersome tests.  If a student has a recent assessment from a school or an institution of instruction, we will use the data from a previously taken assessments.

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Are all new students required to take an assessment?

Yes, we've expanded our services to accommodate your needs.  We offer assistance with your virtual classroom, all core subjects and with your classroom assignments.

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Does Taylor Tutoring Services provide homework help?

Students who are struggling academically will not benefit from more  homework help. Problems with homework/classwork are symptoms of deeper underlying issues.  Helping students with homework (worksheets or a page from a textbook) is only a "Band-Aid" and will not correct the problem.

What's the minimum time to work with a tutor?
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 Skill Building - Our researched based skill building program yields at least one grade level increase per every 32 hours of instruction.

Test Prep -  We offer a variety of test prep services. Our test prep services are generally based on 20 hours of instruction.

Subject Tutoring - Provided on an as needed basis.

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