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Pre- Employment Transition Services


It is important to know who we are and how to develop our character strengths

 Instruction in Self- Advocacy

Know Your Rights

Understand how to effectively request and utilize accommodations

       Give It Your All,

   Resilience, Implementation,


Effective Problem Solving Skills

Making Informed Decisions

Instruction in

Self Advocacy

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What resources are available and how do I find them?

Disability Disclosure

What does it mean and who is  responsible?

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What our program includes:

- Provide for students with disabilities, beginnging at age 14

- DARS make the connection between the Pre- ETS Provider, the student, their families and the school.

- Assists students in gaining knowledge & experiences necessary in making an informed decision about their future.

- Topics covered through Pre- ETS Self Advocacy include:

        - Identifying strengths and support


  • Disability disclosure

         - Knowing your rights

         -Effective Problem-Solving Skills

         - Achieve your goals with Grit

         - Making informed decisions 



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